6 Minutes of Leak and 60 Questions


Everybody gives CAT, it’s become so common that I fear in a few years even cats would be appearing in it. I had to come up with an intriguing title to force someone to read my CAT experience.


Why bother to write?
I had thought of writing this article on the very day I gave my CAT. But, it was 11/11/11, Rockstar released that day, and I don’t have a better excuse till now for not starting it.Tomorrow CAT results will be out, may be tonight., I might end up scoring a 90 odd percentile and I am sure I won’t write this then. But, I assure you even if that happens, on any other day I might have scored a 100 Percentile. So, here goes my efforts to motivate others to enjoy each moment of their small life and follow their heart.


I seriously think it’s kind of loser to write your views, tips and experiences of an exam that is given by every sheep of the herd. But, I had my own reasons for it and definitely an original way to approach it.


That’s no answer to why!!
I write this article with two purposes. Firstly, I wish to improve my writing skills. Secondly, I want to encourage others to take CAT with a lighter note, a bit less seriously, a bit more casually, and enjoy the overall experience rather than being intimidated by it.


I don’t have anything against CAT but I have a lot towards all the coaching institutions and feel pity on anyone who joins a coaching institution in his 2nd year of Engineering!! Seriously, is it that important? You won’t get a 1 crore package!! READ: You won’t!!
Why don’t you use that time to do something that you truly wish to do?(don’t tell me you always dreamt of becoming an investment banker and rip the poor in china)Anyways, few things that I have learnt from JEE experience is that you don’t treat any exam to be greater than you. They don’t define you, they don’t judge you and all the rest of crap that your coaching teacher said are infact cent percent true.

Doing coaching after 10th is fine in my opinion, or at least it was at my time(I did it, so you won’t hear anything against it from me). You need some competition to charge yourself up, you actually learn stuff at an astounding rate, and probably it’ll be the most fun time of your life, if you were in Kota.

Anyways, getting back to CAT and my 2 cents on it.

Why you don’t need any coaching?

  1. CAT only tests your Maths skills till Xth standard. So, if you genuinely want to do coaching; go take Xth class tuition :/
  2. English is a language, If you have been successful after doing coaching, it’s because of your efforts not the coaching institutes.
  3. If you are appearing for CAT and seriously want to do an MBA, you need to learn to manage yourself and set your priorities right before managing the world.

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Interview @ IIM C

IIM Calcutta

I have skipped on WAT and GD, I pretty much sucked at both of them. For overly curious, the topic for both of them was in short “TV serials show stereotype women, should they change. Discuss”

So, coming to interview, I was 4th in my panel

Date: 12th March 2012

Time: 4:22 PM

Confidence         9.5/10

.5 cause of all the current affairs I heard they were asking and some statistics questions like variance and some other stuff which I just don’t get. Also, there was no lady in my panel, damn!!

Preparation 2/10

2 points thanks to IIM L interview, that’s it. I had no mock GD or mock interview.

There were 3 people in the panel:

Alumni (A): Young looking person probably in late 30s, looks cool and calm. He is seated on extreme left.

Professor 1 (P1): Probably in 60s, looks serious, doesn’t look like the guy who would return you a smile. He is sitting in the middle.

Professor 2 (P2): Late 50s, he smiles, looks like a person who is happy with his life. He is on the right.

Me (M): All my thoughts are in italic, just to make clear, what I am saying and what I am thinking.

M: Good Afternoon Sir

P1: Good afternoon, please take the seat.

There is a huge table between us, I have my folder in my hands, I look for a chance to pass it to them, but no one looks very much interested, they are looking at some documents or something else. I just keep it with me and sit down.

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