6 Minutes of Leak and 60 Questions

Everybody gives CAT, it’s become so common that I fear in a few years even cats would be appearing in it. I had to come up with an intriguing title to force someone to read my CAT experience.


Why bother to write?
I had thought of writing this article on the very day I gave my CAT. But, it was 11/11/11, Rockstar released that day, and I don’t have a better excuse till now for not starting it.Tomorrow CAT results will be out, may be tonight., I might end up scoring a 90 odd percentile and I am sure I won’t write this then. But, I assure you even if that happens, on any other day I might have scored a 100 Percentile. So, here goes my efforts to motivate others to enjoy each moment of their small life and follow their heart.


I seriously think it’s kind of loser to write your views, tips and experiences of an exam that is given by every sheep of the herd. But, I had my own reasons for it and definitely an original way to approach it.


That’s no answer to why!!
I write this article with two purposes. Firstly, I wish to improve my writing skills. Secondly, I want to encourage others to take CAT with a lighter note, a bit less seriously, a bit more casually, and enjoy the overall experience rather than being intimidated by it.


I don’t have anything against CAT but I have a lot towards all the coaching institutions and feel pity on anyone who joins a coaching institution in his 2nd year of Engineering!! Seriously, is it that important? You won’t get a 1 crore package!! READ: You won’t!!
Why don’t you use that time to do something that you truly wish to do?(don’t tell me you always dreamt of becoming an investment banker and rip the poor in china)Anyways, few things that I have learnt from JEE experience is that you don’t treat any exam to be greater than you. They don’t define you, they don’t judge you and all the rest of crap that your coaching teacher said are infact cent percent true.

Doing coaching after 10th is fine in my opinion, or at least it was at my time(I did it, so you won’t hear anything against it from me). You need some competition to charge yourself up, you actually learn stuff at an astounding rate, and probably it’ll be the most fun time of your life, if you were in Kota.

Anyways, getting back to CAT and my 2 cents on it.

Why you don’t need any coaching?

  1. CAT only tests your Maths skills till Xth standard. So, if you genuinely want to do coaching; go take Xth class tuition :/
  2. English is a language, If you have been successful after doing coaching, it’s because of your efforts not the coaching institutes.
  3. If you are appearing for CAT and seriously want to do an MBA, you need to learn to manage yourself and set your priorities right before managing the world.

But, if I go to coaching, I see other’s around and then I am motivated to study

So, you waste your 3 hours a day just to be motivated. Better yet, spend 2 hours playing Cricket and read something in that 1 hour or do some fun project.
Go ahead, you can write a book in all the time you’re gonna spend in Coaching.(Yeah, people have done that and proofs are all around you. Flipkart.com)

Whenever I am the first to shout answers in my class, I get a confidence boost

Just imagine, if you can beat all those guys who are doing coaching without doing any, the level of confidence boost you would get.

Where will I practice myself? How will I know my progress?

Test series:  AimCATs, simCAT, CL Cat, Testfunda. I am in support of Test series, they keep you on your toes, give you an idea about the type of questions expected, changes in test pattern.
But, most importantly  “You won’t fall asleep”
If you say, you went to coaching, studied stuff and never went on to sleep.
Then, either you’re lying or you’re lying.

So, stop lying to yourself and stop doing shit that makes you sleep.

Test series are the best way to prepare yourself for CAT. No coaching would tell you that for obvious reasons:
Cost of Test Series<Cost of 2 years of Coaching.

Reasons for me to give CAT

  1. More than anything else, I have a personal Vendetta to settle with competitive exam after a dismal JEE. Kind of like a self-reality check, I want to score a 100 Percentile.
  2. It won’t hurt to get in IIM A,B or C along with your best buddies. It might turn out to be the most fun time of my life.
  3. You need to have a back up.
  4. I have a challenge/pact with my girlfriend that If I get in IIM A, we’ll have 24 hours of  non-stop partying.(Alright, may be I made this up. But, seriously weren’t you getting bored of all the gay stuff, if you weren’t then all this shit won’t be able to help you much for sure)

D-Day experience

We(all the branch mates) settled for a late 11/11/11 date for CAT. The most honest reasons for it is my mother asked me to fill it up on this date, and I don’t say no to her, also you have to agree the date is super cool. Since, we always do things together, all of us ended up giving it on the same day morning session.

11/11/11 :)

I’ll try my best to keep it short and concise.

Chapter 1: Is that me? Eeeww!!!

I was confident, each one of us was. We reached on time which was way before time. I don’t know why they called us so early. :/
Anyways, we deposited all our stuff and then had to wait for Prometric guys to take our fingerprint and webcam click.

Man, I just sucked at that pic. It looked like some fat ass geek but it was even worse cause it was me, eewww!!( And, I thought I was wearing my lucky smart shirt :/ )

Anyways, at least I knew it was my pic. One of my friend thought the pic shown on system was his some old photo :D

It’s not very clear, but try to understand it.

Chapter 2: Augmented Reality

So, we had to wait for more than hour before anything could start. It was air conditioned, and my bladder shrunk to minimum and I had to go for a leak before the exam started.
Surprisingly, when I reached there, everybody was there, like seriously everybody!! We had a small talk, exchanged some “all the best”, “best of luck“ and “!@#$%^&* CAT” and went back to our system.

The best part with computer based system is you don’t need to look on any tight jeans in front of you. It’s a serious distraction ( Don’t give up on me yet, it’s true) and now you can avoid it easily, thanks to all the cameras and a closed cube type environment.

Possible example of distraction:

Now, you’ve to understand here that as exam goes intense, Girls tend to jump around, it’s fine till then. But, bending forward takes a Troll!!! and there goes the last panic minutes :X Sigh!!!

Chapter 3: When seconds become slower than hours

Stop staring at that ass, we are discussing something important here. So, everybody has his strategy to approach CAT. I too had a simple one:

“If I don’t do all the 60 questions, I can’t top this exam. If I can’t top this exam, it beats the purpose of giving it”

There were these people right behind me who were administrators or something, they were supposed to monitor all of the people with cameras, but boy, they were loud. Chatting insanely about I don’t know what shit. I asked the person around me to calm them down. He assured me that as the paper starts everybody would be silent. Phew!! One less thing to worry about

I looked around I could see all of my friends except one. Perhaps, he was too deep into prayers or memorizing some stuff or maybe I just couldn’t find him.

Anyways, we were given 8 rough sheets, which was no way enough for me, So, I asked again if I would be given more, if required. Positive reply and now I was good to go.

I ran through the tutorial, and waited for paper to start.

Trust me, I was not in any sort of pressure or tension, but I had to take a leak again before the exam started. I had gone just 30 minutes back, so obviously my plea was rejected with a look as if I was hiding some stuff in the toilet. I wasn’t !!

Chapter 4: Go Go Go…

I was probably the first one who started the paper. I realized this later, when I was the first one to complete it :/

It was the easiest first section I had ever given. I was able to do most questions way before time. I can’t talk about detailed questions and stuff cause it’s against some weird policy or something from IIMs.

Now, when I say I did all the questions, doesn’t mean I really did them. I take calculated risks and move to the next questions marking the previous one for later review. I do all of them in one order, one after another.

I had a very straight forward question, which took me less than 5 seconds to solve. Me and my roommate had discussed that one last night before going to sleep. I thought about him for another 5 seconds and had a smile on my face.

Darkness, lights went off. But my system was on UPS, so I continued, but soon I had a jumping batman around me telling me to stop, like STOP!!!. He waved his arms in between me and my system and went ahead. I decided to continue, you can’t trust The Dark Knight these days. Later, I realized people had system shutdown and waited for system to boot up again. Few even solved pending questions in this time. “Lucky Bastards !! “ I did not have any question to solve anyways :/

Chapter 5: Break even :/

I had 12 minutes of time and a small 2 question DI left. On any other day, I would have not taken more than 6 minutes to solve them to 5th decimal accuracy. But, alas my mind shifted to some weird stuff, like “OMG!! I am gonna score 90/90 in this section”, “may be I’ll get selected based on only section 1’s score”, “When people ask me, how to score 100 percentile, I’ll tell them to remain cool”.

Yes! Yes!! I was dreaming about interviews in the last 12 minutes of my first section paper. Sigh!! All these and many more thought were coming to my mind. As you might notice all of them are self-obsessed. I think this might be the decider at the end. I might miss by a couple of marks here and there. But, that’s because of my mental instability and nothing to do with our preparation.

Basically, it was a game of high speed with high level of accuracy while avoiding maximum possible silly mistakes.

On those 2 remaining questions, I spent all the remaining time and eventually solved one and took the same answer as guess in the second one, because I was sure at least one of them would be it. It shows, that I was not cent percent confident over the question that I had solved also.
On any other day, I might have taken a gutsy risk and gone all in. But, today I decided to settle for a 2/6 rather than 6/6 or -2/6. That’s because I knew I had pretty much nailed it and I hate myself for doing it. That’s really unlike me :/

Chapter 6: Chapter 2

Anyways, when 2nd section started. I took a deep breath and again started off with full pace. I had to finish it fast and then respond to nature’s demands.

LR was a shame on testing intellectuality of any person. English was English and I am an engineer. If you don’t get what I mean, read again, “English was English and I am an engineer” Repeat till you understand my state.

I was on a mission to attempt all 60 questions, So, I went ahead and took my best shots, mostly second shot. You know when you’re sure that ‘A’ option is correct and after spending another 2 minutes, you come to conclusion damn, ‘B’ is definitely correct. I attempted here and went ahead before my brain would trick me into “OMG!, C is correct, thank mother of God I did not attempt A or B, phew!!” and this cycle never really ends, cause after ‘C’ comes ‘A’ and it goes on and on…

Alright, it was becoming too much now, and I could not make head or tail of RC. I just had to go. So, I asked the now calm Bruce Wayne extremely politely with baby Jesus eyes, “May I?” He talked with other superheroes and gave me persmission.(Oh Yea!! You bet me they were feeling like superheroes right now and humming Bruce Almighty “I got the Power!!”)

Chapter 7: Nature calling

I thought I’ll take a run, it won’t be more than 2 minutes. I still had 41 minutes left with 14 odd questions remaining, so, a pretty safe bet.

I ran towards the door used previously used, boom!! It’s locked. Grrr… I ask him spiderman, why it won’t open. He directed me to the single entry, where we had previously shot that horrible pic.(Don’t remind me)

So, I make a run from that door only to be stopped by Hulk, who asks me to wait. WTF!! What now? He takes out a piece of paper and asks me to fill in details. It was horrible, and since I was the only one on that list. I did not have any reference also to fill it up.(Come on, we all look over the person who filled first to get an idea of what to fill in the name section)

After that was done. I was finally allowed to go downstairs, I finished it ASAP, and decided to run back in. Only if things were so easy, I was stopped by a guard now downstairs. He wanted to see my ID and my print out of admit card, which I had already submitted.
I was getting pissed now. He frisked me and found my handkerchief asked me to submit it with the counter which was closed. I said some stuff in loud voice and he realized it’s no time to joke around.

I dashed in the hall, Hulk passed me the paper, on which I had to sign again and put in details of time. I sighed, over 6 minutes had gone :/

Chapter 8: When minutes fly by

I was back at my system, with an astounding heart beat this time. I could feel it, probably because all the running was way too much for my low stamina. After all, I looked like a Fat-ass geek I noticed on the system.

Also, clearly visible was that 35 minutes remained with 14 questions to do. I finished remaining LR first. I knew I would gain time there.
I had that expression on my face (when you’re on top of the world, after taking that much needed leak. Maybe, I even made an orgasmic sound ‘ahh’, or may be not :/).

Now, at least I could read the RCs in one go. I had to settle with first guesses this time, no time for second shots. This way I finished of all the questions with 5 minutes left to go. I made a quick review of my choices in grammar and RCs, mostly all seemed better than other options, I can’t say correct cause none of the options looked correct :/

Chapter 9: Not again!!!

My last question was incorrect. But, the best possible option was data insufficient. I had it selected, I started doing some totally stupid assumptions and tried to check if some option would fit. Time was ticking down faster than Indian wickets. You have 0 Minutes and 52…46…31…23…12… seconds left.

I checked for 2 other options, ticked the 3rd one, was checking for its sufficiency, it did not fit. My mouse was right on the 4th option again “Data insufficient” but boom!!

“Thank you for appearing in CAT 2011. Your results would be declared on 11th January 2012”

I messed it up again in the Panic moments, after this I realized it’s not just about the tight jeans and waistlines. You’re bound to screw up if you’re not cool enough. I tried my best to remain calm. But, alas I failed again!!

Anyways, all is well that ends!! especially if it’s CAT :D

Chapter 10: End for a beginning

We tried not to discuss questions, I was against it. I wanted to remain calm and was looking forward to some productive time ahead. I had spend last few weeks taking mock CATs and it was time to enjoy Rockstar!!

Each one of us had pretty much nailed it. Everybody did a really good job and ending up in the same IIM seems like a possible reality now.


Results were out last week. So, I won’t be changing anything written above. Not even grammatical errors, it would be like cheating with this article and I’ll be even more honest as possible from here on. I’m a lot pissed off right now. So, there won’t be any lame joke attempts.

I scored a 99.89, it’s not 100 but still pretty decent enough and I had a fun time approaching CAT and I did a lot of other things that I am way more proud of then this result. So, may be while you’re here, you’ll read some things which might help you on your way.

Bring it on

How I went about it, WE took it on?

Chapter 0: Goa
All good stories need a happy ending, this one doesn’t have an end yet. So, let’s start with an awesome beginning and what better place then Goa :)

Flashback, Black and white.
Me and Chetan on a bike. No, no, no, Chetan is not a hot chick, infact we don’t have any in our group, but I said I’ll be honest. So, stop looking for it and just read along. I don’t remember how this conversation started, but I remember how it ended.

C: Oye, MBA karna hain na apan ko.
D(me): Ha bey, karna hain obviously.
C: Saath main karna hain yaar.
D: Ha yaar, ek toh itna padhate hain wahan, akele nahi ho paayega, total give up. Bahar, se karte hain, London main sahi mazaa aayega, 2 saal aish kaatenga.
C: Sexy mazaa aayega, but Inzi se kuch nahi hoga wahan pe.
D: True, but usko sikha denge thoda bahut, pata karna padega yaar. Aaj kal har koi London/US se hee karta hain.
C: US main thoda bore ho jaayenge, London sahi hain apne liye.
D: Ha, but important hain saath main karna hain, nahi toh koi mazaa nahi hain yaar, saath main IIM main bhi sahi time pass ho jaayega.
C: Woh toh hain hee yaar, CAT denge na apan, Inzi toh phod dega.
D: Abey, lekin saath main jaana hain, saale ek ka Ahmedabad main hua aur sabka Calcutta main toh chup chaap C chal lena bete.
C: Abey, C toh waise bhi better hain, sexy mazaa aayega. But, ek level define karna padega, ab sab IIM Udaipur main toh Gotiya nahi khelenge.
D: Ha ha, Oye gaadi main petrol kitna hain?
C: full hain na apna, kaata hil hee nahi rahan, faaltu ka chuna lagega ismain apan ko.
D: Beer Shop aa gayee
C: Dekh lee thee maine. :D

Chapter 1: The road less traveled

Before we go into details, there are some characters you need to get familiar with. Inzy(Prateek), Chetan, Bhuti(Abhishek), Saahil. We are all in Ceramic Engineering, it’s the best place to be when you’re doing Engineering.
While we are at it, I would like to assure any young readers that you should fill Ceramic Engineering way above Computer Science, Electronics and everything.

I am in so much love with my branch that I if I have a JEE rank of 50, I would still choose Ceramic Engineering(Ok, May be not :D ). But, it’s fun and you’ll meet your best friends here who would definitely be more trustworthy than your girlfriend.
But, well all friends are more :/

Anyways, So we had this chat:
3rd year

DV: Apan log coaching join karein?
Chetan: Dekh lo, sab karo toh kar lenge
Inzi: Nahi yaar, coaching nahi ho paayegee roz jaana padta hain.
Saahil: roz toh jaana nai padta, upar se paise denge toh chalein jaayenge.
D: Paise ki toh aaj tak koi value karee nahi, I highly doubt ab jaayenge apan log.
I: Test series lagate hain, mazaa aayega.
C: Ha bey, coaching se toh sab karte hain, apan kuch alag kartein hain.
D: Ha faltu coaching se achcha khud hee padh lenge toh jyada fayda ho jaayega.
C: Arey, Delhi main sab material milta hain, main le aaunga sabke liye, mast padhenge.
S: sahi hain chalo, phir final.
D,I,C,S: No coaching then, final.

Eventually, Chetan never got any material even for himself, let alone all of.
We were very right in not opting for any coaching cause we would have not attended a single class for sure.
I laugh at times when I see how serious and velle we were in 3rd year discussing on this topic. As time flew by, we all got involved in other things and CAT was never a priority for any of us.

Preparing for CAT though would have side beneficiary effects on you.
Your almost dead brain would have something to think upon. You’ll score the highest in all aptitude test for any Job you want and definitely have a lot of confidence for anything that you may encounter upon your journey. It’s good feeling to know, you can beat anybody always.

My Take from this experience:

  • Be Original.
  • Have faith in yourself a lot, you’ll be tested on this one each day of your life.
  • Be confident, over confident.
  • Challenge yourself to achieve what you want.
  • Dream Big, big BBBIIIGGGG!!!!
  • For a single day, It had not come across my mind that I may not score 100 percentile. I knew I can. I know I can.
  • Don’t follow others blindly. Just because we did it, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Just because they did it, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Chapter 2: Know your Strengths, know yourself!

We knew we could not study for 2 years for an exam, it was totally unlike any of us. May be you can, may be that’s the best way for you to get a 100 in CAT. But, ask yourself, what next? Why CAT? You have much more to give this world then acing the most sort out exam.
You’re special. You’ve a purpose and it’s very simple “ follow your heart “. You’ll never fail, never ever. Trust me on this one.

We decided to go for no coaching, but we knew we needed each other to beat everybody else. If we could develop a healthy environment of challenging each other and improve upon ourselves, there would be no stopping us.

Our only strength was us. We had this explicitly mentioned a lot of times. We shared a lot of nice stuff, short tricks, threads, had long discussions, even GDs towards the end.

Chapter 3: Know your Limits:

“A ‘No’ in time will help you much more than 1000 ‘Yes’!!!”

You would come across a lot of opportunities, probably one every week, from some friend, from some teacher, may be even from your dreams. You need to know your limits and priorities. Running a 100 races would make you come last in each one of them.

We dropped a lot of things. I would not mention here any, but trust me it was very tough to say “No” to any of them.

If you don’t value participation certificates, then focus on 5 things that you really want to do or as many as you can handle.. Just keep that in mind. It can be anything, seriously anything, for me the list was like this.

  1. Have Fun, each day each moment. At least try to.
  2. Start up, creative project, something that I would truly die to do.
  3. Dream, Dream BIG!!!
  4. Take Practise CATs, try to attempt all 60 questions.
  5. Research on Hair Transplantation.

Alright, some things might be fictitious, but it was getting too monotonous. It’s not in order of priority and I have not mentioned Family, friends and love, cause they would any day drop all others off the charts.

Mark this one, it’s really important to know your limits. May be CAT is not for you, just shrug it off and go make that awesome play or write that romantic novel or even better write a script for SB.

Chapter 4: Slow and steady wins the race:

CAT is like a marathon, anybody can tell you that. But, nobody would tell you to stop running in the beginning.

I had this in my mind, that I won’t be able to prepare 2 years for CAT, may be not even 6 months of complete dedication, even 2 months only for CAT seemed too much.
In the end I settled for 20 days, I had not spent a lot of time with my family, as in last summers I was out for an internship and had to rush back to college.

So, around Diwali, I took a break and went home. I made it a routine to practice 1 mock everyday and spent some genuinely quality time with everyone at home. I made a point to visit my idol, my grandfather every day. By this time, I had a lot of Practice papers at my disposal from CL and some others, they would give it to you practically free by this time. Don’t loose this opportunity.

I reached a completely new level during these 20 days, I could feel it in me. It was the first time in my life when I was doing something academic at my home. May be I had saved a lot of spiritual powers there. My probability of a 99.5+ had increased tremendously and it seemed more of a routine now. It was like Naruto in Sage mode(no, not in nine tails, that’s too much too handle)

You have to turn the Nitro on at the right time to keep it burning before reaching the finishing line, if you switch the button before, you’ll be exhausted before the end. This is very important.

You have saved your stamina, remember it’s a marathon. Use it up now, don’t save it for the next year’s race. :)

Chapter 5: More doesn’t mean better

You would have genuinely bad outings at times. I scored my lowest in a section one day. I even scored a 60 percentile one day, and If you’re following along, it’s pretty clear that I would be genuinely pissed with myself and would attempt another mock straight away. I would do bad in that too. I learnt the hard way, that it’s of no use. But, it’s very tough to give up at this time and you wish to beat everyone everyday. You need to know when to stop, there’s no point loving your ex.

Don’t rush yourself, never ever.
All you can do is increase your chances of success, there is no thing as sure success. So, don’t go crazy over it. Accept the fact that you messed it up, analyze it if possible(it won’t be easy, since you attempted 60 questions).

Try not to think about her in your next mock and you’ll do just fine ;)

Chapter 6: Rock hits the head

Remember, mock is mock, even if you get 99.94 doesn’t mean you’re gonna get through in CAT. A 85 doesn’t mean you’re out.

Each time you rock the paper, it gets to your head. You rise above your limits and eventually end up doing some really stupid crazy silly mistakes. As much as you want to keep your feet on ground, you’ll fly, fly high. Try not to, cause it’ll hurt when you crash.
I don’t think it’ll affect your result much, but it may affect your emotional balance after the result. You always need to be calm, the day you let it get to you would be the beginning of a long steep down slide.

Chapter 7: Fail, fail hard

Cherish all the failures, they are equally important in life as success. There is no joy in success without failures right?

I failed for my first job interview at Oracle, which I was overly confident, then again things turned around and I am right now at Zynga. It would have never happened had I cleared that interview.

But,  it’s way too philosophical to talk like this. Try to take failure as a motivation and an opportunity to do better next time, it won’t be easy but keep it in the back of your mind.
If there is no next time, the greater power wants you to look in other direction, have a look. May be you’ll find her there, and trust me she’ll be much more beautiful then any you would find in IIM Ahmedabad :P

Chaper 8: Over and under

It’s never too late to start, 2 weeks before exam may prove to be enough. Hell, with the preparation, a totally casual take may turn out to be 100. Anything can happen, just believe in yourself and you’ll be fine.

I realize while writing this article that as much as I wish to assume that I did not study much for CAT, had no coaching, and took it casually. I did indeed put in just enough hard work to see the sail through. I did it smartly but I did work on some stuff, I can see it.
So, that’s my point, don’t overdo it, but it’s still better than under doing it.

You don’t need a lot of time for this exam for sure, some smart moves will take you through. This same philosophy works for everything in life.

For that dream job interview, don’t overdo it, but do just enough and you’ll nail it.
For that obsession of yours, don’t overdo it, their are other things around that need you, but don’t do injustice to it, it’s your dream, it’s your child.
For relationships, don’t overdo them but still it’s better than under doing them.

Chapter 9: Switch off/On

I explained before I was not much into CAT/MBA except for my personal Vendetta and those 24 hours of partying.

So, I was confident that I had my dream work to do, when I was very close to ending up as a Game Designer at Zynga. You might have noticed till now that I am an over confident person, so I was pretty much sure I’ll get the job and would be spending some awesome time in Zynga, Bangalore.

I gave up on CAT. I stopped any sort of connection with mock cats. I watched Naruto Shippuden, IMDB Top movies, and all the very important pending work that needed to be finished like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Rome, 570 Naruto Manga, Bleach, etc. etc….

I had a wake up call in another one of my interviews with a very senior personal from Zynga. He asked me “What’s your option, if not Zynga?”

I had not taken up any job interviews till now, except one with Oracle. Job was not on the top of my list, So, I just replied, “I’ll find something which seems interesting”

Now, that is a stupid stupid answer at such a level. He asked again to make himself clear, I did not have an answer, because I had not thought about it. I was overly confident that I am going to be the best Game Designer ever in the history of Game design. Sigh!! Interview ended pretty well, but that’s not we’re concerned about here.

I decided to take up CAT again, after all I was having a lot of fun giving all the aimCATs.

It took some time  to get the stroke right, but I guess I was prepared for the pitch in the end, unlike our Indian Team  #IndiaOutsideIndia


You can always take a break if you think you’re overdoing it. You can take a break if you think there are other important things to be done like love. Oh I know, what you’re thinking, there is a difference in ‘do’ and ‘make’.

So, important thing to take from here is to be stupid. Let the child in you live, be innocent. It’s the best feeling, it’s the toughest thing to do.

Chapter 10: Low before high

By now you must have realized that I mostly do stuff with high confidence and that’s the only reason for being able to give my best shot . It’s the same for everyone, but no matter how much you try, how fucking awesome you are.

You will feel low. You can’t stop that. If you don’t feel low ever, that’s great but if you do, don’t worry it’ll pass. I have been very depressed at times with absolutely no logical reason.
I usually like to sort things out with my brain via logical reasoning but there are times when you’ve no logic, cause it’s illogical. May be somebody just wanted to screw with you, may be you got some issues back home, may be the person who you trusted decided to break it, may be your friend wasn’t your friend and may be she doesn’t love you after all. (Yeah, there’s a subtle love story going along :P )

Anyways, when that sad feeling creeps in, look on the awesome sides of world. You’ll be good to go in no time. Find your niche.

This is what I go through, you need to find yours if this doesn’t work for you.

  1. Liverpool v/s AC Milan 2005 UEFA : Everything is possible, if you believe in it.
  2. Spartacus S01E01: You don’t give up, rise just one more time.
  3. Naruto v/s Negi: No matter what people say, it’s what you believe that counts.
  4. Naruto v/s Pain: Training has it’s benefits and you don’t give up, not till it’s finished.

Some more awesome videos that you find all over FB these days can be used :)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOS1GaxqAkI – like this one.

Cheer up, you can do it. I believe in you. You made it this far in this shit article, you have the required passion to do it.

Chapter 11: It’s not for you

This whole approach of CAT is not for you. Yes, I just said you have the required passion but as much as I wish to say, you can do it simply by following such simple steps, chances are 99.89 % you can’t do it this way.

This is my way. It’s not yours, it won’t be yours. You have to go out there and find your own. I can only tell you that it’s possible.

None of my closest buddies nailed it. There won’t be any love in IIM Udaipur, there won’t be any start-up from IIM Calcutta. There won’t be any real estate business from IIM Ahmedabad. I dreamt a lot of things, and my friends were always a part of it.

But, dreams are made to wake you up. They are there to tell you, how much you care for somebody? How you feel about yourself? how high can you go? How much fun life would be if all that was true.
Life’s not a dream, it’s your duty to make your dreams come true and grasp all that fun. I could not help my best friends get a 100 percentile. I highly doubt any of you reading this can do it, but you never know, may be I was over confident and did not put in enough efforts to motivate everyone :)

Hell, even I don’t have an Ahmedabad/Bangalore call, So there won’t be any 24 hours of non-stop partying :D I guess a good trade-off considering all the parties I did in college to screw up my grades.

Chapter 12: A man of my word

For us, I assure you I would crack all the IIM interviews, I won’t be preparing anything specifically for GDEI( I don’t even know when it became GDEI and what it stands for, from GDPI).
If response to this article is good I might start writing regularly and work on my Blog. I wish to write a game book, I’ll work on that. One of my friend has a quality start-up idea, I’ll try to look into that.

May be we’ll need to go to London, Inzi needs some lessons after all ;)
You cannot fight with the greater power right, London it seems right now then.

P.S.: You’ve to watch Sherlock if you haven’t already.

I am a Rajput and I am a man of my word. I would not be joining any IIMs, because I don’t want to and I’ll try my best to live each day to the maximum, have more fun than I had yesterday, try not to think about her and do something that I have never done before like writing this long. :)

I have drifted a lot from the title, but I could not change it. It was decided when I left the CAT examination hall. Hope you had a fun time reading my shit, and got some motivation to pursue your dreams. Have a nice day and keep your smile intact.
Update: 27/1/12
Do share it with your friends or anybody else who you think might get something from this.(Yes, I am asking you to share it on FB actually. There is Facebook button just below, use it)

Dharamveer Singh Chouhan
Dream Chaser(Check it out)

dvcoolster@gmail.com (12/12/12 Edit: I had a typo in Email, now I know why I got nobody asking me for any help! You’re most welcome to spam now)

facebook.com/chouhan I know I got an awesome FB ID

If you wish to leave any feedback, suggestions, or just a small message to motivate me to write more, it  will be really appreciated. You can point out all the grammatical errors also.

Anything you wish to know, about that wrong question which I could not post or just anything that comes across your mind, feel free to drop a mail. Cheers

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78 thoughts on “6 Minutes of Leak and 60 Questions

  1. It’s actually very true, what you’ve written here. I’ve had a similar experience, last 20 days of hard work, though only 10-12 mocks attempted :P

    I, however, do plan on taking any IIM that comes my way. Best of luck to you and your friends.

    Send an alert my way if you plan to write any more. You have a way with words that appeals to the reader.



  2. A good job done, undoubtedly. Though i finished it in 2 sittings :) funny and witty. Try and keep brevity in mind next time, to make it more interesting!

    • K mam, Thank you so much for your tips. I had to google the meaning of brevity.

      P.S.: Those who don’t know she taught me English in 5th Standard.

  3. True dost .. last year i tried after mugging but this time nothing and was just cool and got 99 … I am also sure will clear interview … :)

  4. The longest piece of article I have ever read online to date. Seriously man, I got fcuikng tired -itni saari chapters :) – but nevertheless I enjoyed. So, … no need for me to say here that you wrote well and should write more but please shorter next time :)
    Congratulations for the 99.89 percentile

    And…. An A1 from my side :), I liked it all in all.

    • :D Yeah, that is long!! I wonder how I managed to write so much..

      Nice to know you enjoyed it, will try to keep short next time :)

  5. It was fun reading it….m last year engineering student,appeared CAT’11 for the first time (that too without any kind of preparations or planning) n got decent percentile but not dat decent to get a call.But after giving my exam i was sure dat i can do much better,just with 2 weeks of dedicated preparation……I think most of the people who read it must have loved it…..i showed it to my friends n they loved reading this article so Plz continue your writing work.

    • Thanks Rituraj, I am sure you can do much better in CAT or any other exam. It’s nice to hear you and others enjoyed reading it. I wanted to spread the word and great to know you did the same. Do keep sharing it with people who you think it may help :)

  6. Hey! Congrats on getting 99.89..!! That was quite a good scribble you wrote sans the grammatical mistakes here and there. All the best for your interviews!

  7. Thanks a lot for your detailed description of the CAT journey. It was as sweet as you! Your article is really on a balanced weight. No institute would encourage to take CAT as easy as you set! All are taking life so seriously as portrayed in 3-Idiots movie. Btw, I liked your energy and approach dude:)

    • I had missed on Chapter 10 on my first draft, but then I added it in the end. Glad to know you loved it. It’s my personal fav too ;)

  8. nice article man………was a whole lot of fun and personal values attached to it……..especially all about know thyself and ur dreams.I am a fresher in last yr of engineering and have some nice IIM calls and want to convert.Keep writing.You write simply awesome.

  9. inspirational,but not in a preachy kinda way..pls continue writing.I took the cat this yr for the first time,10 days after a trip to rajasthan…got a decent percentile..but not good enough for a call..hwever, i l give it my best shot..the heart wants what the heart wants :).atb for ur future.

  10. Nice work man. What a relief from obsession about IIMs.
    However, I sincerely hope you do not regret not having gone for IIM, say 5 years from now. Judging by the kind of person you are, I sure can guess you wont !

    • Thanks Rahul. I hope 5 years from now, I would be qualified enough for a guest lecture at IIMs(nothing goes in dreaming big :P) and if nothing else works, I can always crack CAT again :D :D

  11. Bhaisaheb..gazab ka likha hai tumne!! Keep writing stuff like this. In short..”KAATIL”..!!
    P.S-You already have a FAN in me

  12. one word for dis..’alleviating’…i am also frm itbhu mech 2nd yr…and i can relate to every bit and piece of dis article..
    bt i hv a doubt..if u were nt to join any IIM den wat was d point of taking cat in d first place….coz u clearly mentioned dat ur approach was..“If I don’t do all the 60 questions, I can’t top this exam. If I can’t top this exam, it beats the purpose of giving it”…so dat ws kinda contradictory bt m sure u hv ur reasons nd ur better off wid dem..
    i wud b takin cat 13 nd m looking forward for ur help nd guidance :)

  13. Hello sir, very nice article…. straight from the heart….I would like to ask u if know anything bout these IIM’s call up rules….i mean y didnt u get an IIM-A,B for such an awesome 99.89 percentile….Anywayz continue your blog twas fun reading it…

  14. An awesome read mate.
    I couldn’t crack CAT this time maybe because i worried too much or rather obsessed with the idea of cracking it.(Although got other calls but couldn’t convert)
    Maybe gotta go with the flow, just live on without getting worried too much about things.
    This article of yours has definitely changed my outlook towards CAT.
    Harkuch hi likha hai yaar…!

  15. ekdum awsum likhe ho bhai…nd dat reply to a comment…”and if nothing else works, I can always crack CAT again” —DAT is wat confidence means!…hope to buy ur first buk frm flipart soon =]]

  16. Started reading ur IIM C interview experience and then stumbled to the next posts…
    Loved the Chapters section… Specially the section of Saying a NO…
    I have given CAT twice now but haven’t given my 100 percent in terms of preparation.
    I have always taken things way too casually and never have given much time to my preps..

    Highly motivated after reading your Post… Loved the parts where u wrote about priorities and the part ” a timely No is better than 1000 yes”

    I hope the fire in me keeps burning and someday even I get a chance to write about my journey!!!

    Thank u for writing such a wonderful post!!!!!

    • Hope you got in good this time, thanks for the comment, keeps me all pumped up to write
      :( I need to write and stop procrastination

    • There’s luck too(all the English flukes), I always liked puzzles and probability, so getting into zone wasn’t that tough for me, though you should give it a bit more time if you feel it’ll increase your chances. Important thing is practice too much and you put on more pressure, too little you don’t get the confidence, find your rhythm and then fine tune it :)

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  18. Nice article man…I loved it…..definitely we need to enjoy the prep journey as well……btw I liked your links that you had provided….and yes I had watched both Seasons of Sherlock a few months back…..Thanks alot

  19. Tears in my eyes, after reading Chapter 10. Boss, it’s a very moving piece you have written. I could relate to a lot of things you have said.

    All the best!

  20. Nice 1 Bro , Really nice one to read ,may be all i need is some fun at preparation and as you have said my own way to bell the CAT :)

  21. Dude, from where do you get this confidence? Highly motivating. Especially when someone is feeling low and has lost some confidence. Keep writing!
    Did you really not join IIT C?

    • I think I should write a blog on ‘confidence’, Glad you liked it.
      I joined IIM C, but before you judge me, it’s way different than any other B-school and C > A + B :D

  22. Bhaiya, after knowing urs qualification from very beginning one can surely guess that u were very good in communication skills and also a fluent english speaker before graduation. How should one prepare for CAT if not confident of above things. Join coaching or not, and if yes, then from when ?

    Pls keep writing like this nd keep motivating .

    • Hey Deepak

      You’re at one of the best places to be, enjoy your time, keep doing great work. For communication, just participate in all the events possible and if possible form a group of friends and conduct mock GDs.


  23. Arguably the best piece I have read in past few years about this phenomenon called CAT. I think the best part was in its small details. I am sure to recommend this to everyone who aspires to be there (#IIMs).

  24. i completely agree with the “keep cool, and all will be well” theory.
    my name is dharmveer and coincidentally i also appeared for my first CAT on 11/11/11 and scored 65%ile (i had joined TIME for coaching and used to perform well in mocks) this result shattered me, but later i realized the main reason for my failure was anxiety. this time i didn’t prepare at all and just revised some basic formulas on the D-day, kept my cool during the exam and scored 95%ile. and today when i read this blog i relate to lot of stuff…..and All The Best for IIM-C

  25. Redirected to your blog from Quora. You promote well ;-)
    A good piece there and the best part was the subtle love story. (I could relate to it). Why’d you join an IIM when you first decided not to?

    • Finally someone appreciated my love story!!

      Oh Man! Long story shot, wanted to run away from corporate and have a Chill time for another 2 years.

  26. Man..!!! how can someone write so good… it was touchy, inpiring and at times funny as well… i knw u deviated a bit from your “heading”.. but never mind, it was something that i can relate myself with.. u can be a great writer, u r good at expressing ur thoughts… i need to talk to u about that cat stuff.. but i guess not here, i’ll leave a mail at ur id.. do reply…
    good piece of work… second engineering student who writes so well.. and the first one is ofcourse chetan bhagat… ;)

    • Thanks, you just motivated me to work harder for my start up and write more, it’s the messages like these which act as zeal towards the otherwise tiring task.
      Note to Self: Second to Chetan Bhagat!, Why am I even bothering with MBA :/

  27. Very well written bro. loved it. for my CAT prep, i relied totally on the net, going through blogs, prep sites like testfunda, mba groups on fb etc. got a decent score, considering the efforts that i put in :P

  28. Hey…I read your entire article! I’m appearing for CAT this year and the one biggest thing I am taking away from reading this post of yours is your happiness! It’s infectious, really. Your post is very inspiring. I wish I had this gift of just breezing through things and coming out with flying colours… I don’t. So far I’ve had to work my a– off for whatever I’ve wanted and on top of that I tend to think a lot. Your positive and somewhat devil-may-care attitude kept me reading until the very end and for that I’m really grateful. Maybe you would like to stop by my blog. http://blueloft.wordpress.com/
    Here’s the link in case you wanna.

  29. Great read! I could totally relate to myself in some specific areas-
    I scored 99.93 in cat ’12 with a similar amt of preparation (rather, smart work as we call it ;) ) and no calls from A or B due to screwed up CGPA. Could crack almost all aptitude tests for placements too, thanks to the aimCATs that i took. and abandoned going to the coaching classes which i took in the first place, only cuz there was a discount for IIT students.
    Only difference i could say is i was just confident – not overly confident- and wasn’t aiming for 100%ile. This, i feel i should do this time, if i decide to give cat seriously.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences, it was great reading them. :)

  30. This article is just amazing, I had no idea how to prepare for CAT, what to study, from where to study etc. After having a small chat with you and reading this article I am feeling light. I think this article covers up all the information from preparation day 1 to last minute of CAT exam, and I hope this article would help more people.
    As for your writing skills, I suggest you should write more, quite frequently I would say.
    Job Well Done!!

  31. Hi Sir,
    May be I am a latecomer here but I can surely say that I am not the last one.
    Find it really motivating mostly because I can relate it to my college life.
    The ‘Hair Transplant’ made my laugh for atleast 10-15 secs. Keep Writing

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